Friday, December 10, 2010


Mallory has been bitten twice in play school this week, Tuesday and Thursday, by the same "friend." While it's policy for the teachers not to tell who, there's nothing that says we can't ask Mallory who bit her {and it's also nice to have Anna Claire who can corroborate her sister's story}. The first time was on the hand and the second time was on the arm. It seems he wants Mallory's toys, and if you know Mallory, she is not giving up the toy she is playing with. It was comforting to know the bites did not break the skin and that she didn't instigate the biting because, again, if you know Mallory, you know that was the second question I asked after I asked if she was all right. I haven't found anything specific in the school handbook on biting, so I am not sure what action may have been taken other than time out for the child who did the biting. Oh, let's hope for so many reasons this does not happen again.

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