Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

This morning Anna Claire and Mallory got to have breakfast with Santa! They looked adorable and had such a great time. They also got to see Connor & Dylan, Mrs. Trista & Mrs. Mona, and their friends Bella & Harper from their class.

They were very excited to have Santa visit our table for a quick chat and just about talked his ears off {I see this as a good sign for meeting princesses and the like on our upcoming Disney trip}. They both made sure Santa saw their pretty dresses and Mallory told him I made it {I wish!}. Anna Claire also told Santa the eye color of everyone in our family.

Excitedly waiting in line for their turn to sit on Santa's lap...
Sadly, out of focus...
What did Anna Claire and Mallory tell Santa they wanted for Christmas?... a tiger and a race car. Huh? I'll chalk that up to nervous excitement.
After breakfast we walked over to the gym to watch Connor's first basketball game of the season lay on the gym floor in our white dresses and listen to Lucy read a story about dinosaurs.
We had a great morning and then it turned cold and rainy. We spent the rest of the day playing inside and cancelled our plans to see the James Island Christmas lights. Maybe another night...

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