Thursday, December 16, 2010

Playschool Christmas Program

Anna Claire and Mallory had their Christmas program and class party today at playschool. After dropping off the girls in their classroom with their teachers' gifts and goodies for the party, we took our front row seats in the auditorium and waited for the show to begin. So much for the front row seats. Because the littlest ones sat on the floor on the stage, the music teacher {who was standing on the floor in front of the stage} completely blocked our view. Walter even had to go stand against the wall to get video. {I've also decided I need a new lens for my camera because the pictures I did get hardly turned out.}

{don't let the look on Mallory's face fool you; there were lots of smiles}

The girls and all the children were adorable, though I can't share tons of photos. You'll have to take my word, then, that Mallory scooted herself to center stage near the beginning of the performance and had to be lured back to sit with the rest of the class and later pulled her dress up over her head. Yes, that was my child! I so wish I had a picture of it but I was too busy trying to get the teacher's attention so she could tell Mallory to pull her dress down. Walter did get it on video; one day she will be so embarrassed.

The girls were really so well-behaved, though. They sat still {for the most part}, and while I didn't see them actually singing very much {I think they were a little too awe~struck}, they did do some of the hand motions they learned, jingled their bells when they were supposed to, and smiled a lot. They did great and we are so proud!

After the program, we went back to the class for their Christmas party. The girls snacked on cookies, brownies, fruit, cheese, and nuggets. I tried to get a few pictures, but there were so many people in that tiny classroom. It was crazy, but fun.

Before it was time to go the girls had two Christmas gifts each for us...snowman hand print ornaments {you might remember the girls and I made these for their first Christmas} and a hand print calendar. It is adorable. I do not know where Mrs. Lori finds the time to complete these crafts when the girls only go to school two mornings a week. She is amazing and so is the calendar. For each month there is a picture the girls made using their hand prints and finger prints. They also brought home lots of little handmade ornaments for the tree. Yes, they have been busy, and I will have to take some pictures of their Christmas crafts and share with you...later.

Wow! I cannot believe half of the school year is already over {tomorrow is my last day ~ yay!} and that Christmas is right around the corner. I am so ready to start Christmas break!

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