Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cabin Fever

Saturday was cold. My mom and I painted what is going to be the girls’ new playroom {stay tuned for pictures} and Walter installed a new disposal in the kitchen sink. We didn’t leave the house.

Sunday was colder and Walter was sick in bed the first part of the day. We didn’t leave the house.

Monday was the coldest. Sleet and freezing rain fell all day and school was closed. We didn’t leave the house.

I think we all had a case of cabin fever, though the girls were angels and played so well together all weekend. I am so ready to get out of the house {not necessarily back to the office, though the work was piling up}. A three hour delay for me today is nice and the girls’ play school has been cancelled which is fine with me because it is still freezing and damp outside.

I think the girls played with just about every toy in the house and I did loads and loads of laundry. When Walter’s office lost power yesterday and we lost cable, he stopped to get dog food, a new battery for the bathroom scale, and brought the girls the movie Cars. They couldn’t quite get interested in it, but it was getting late in the afternoon and I think they were tired. We never lost power {thank goodness} and cable came back on just in time for the big game {Walter could not have been happier}.

I hope we have warmer weather soon…or I might have to hop a plane to Arizona! ;-)

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holly said...

so funny that the girls don't like "cars." we bought "mary poppins" after reading how much anna claire and mallory loved it and the boys can't get into that. there must be something to this boy/girl thing!

anyway, i'm with you on the cabin fever. we've been inside (with one little 15-minute venture into the snow yesterday) since 1pm on sunday. aaarrrrgggghhhh!