Monday, January 17, 2011

Crib Notes

It's old news that the girls no longer sleep in cribs...the cribs I loved so much...the cribs it broke my heart to take down because it meant my little babies were becoming little girls.

Since the girls moved into toddler beds back in April, the cribs have been taking up space with a lot of other stuff in the FROG. Well, after Christmas we realized it was finally time to turn the FROG into a new {and bigger} playroom. Sadly, the cribs had to go, so on a whim I listed both cribs on Craig's List and less than a week later they were both SOLD to a sweet young couple having twins in May! Since I had just a bit of an emotional attachment to the cribs, I am so happy to know they will be slept in by another set of twins. How cool is that?

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