Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flowertown Festival Fun

Last weekend was the Flowertown Festival, so we took the girls Sunday morning before the church crowds to ride the rides. They had so much fun riding these kiddie rides that I just cannot wait to get to Disney World! They have no idea what's in store for them there!
$20 for thirty tickets when each ride is between 3 and 4 tickets each is ridiculous, and then there are some they have to ride with an adult which means double the tickets. What a rip off...but what are you going to do???? THEY LOVE IT!!!
And when the rides are across the street from Grandmom's house...there is NO escaping festival fun!

Mallory and Grandmom riding Harold!...
The train. Mallory had enough of this after once around. I thought she might jump out!

She looks way too comfortable on the back of that motorcycle.
Once more on the train. They wouldn't let all three sit together, so Anna Claire (of all of them!) had to move and sit with someone she didn't know, but she did great and was able to enjoy herself.

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