Friday, April 29, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

Did you watch this morning?

We sure did. And it was absolutely beautiful.

Mallory was up first this morning and was very excited about seeing a real princess {they are big into princesses right now}. Most of what Mallory saw right after she woke up was the boys' choir singing and only a few glimpses of the prince and princess. She got bored pretty quickly.

Once Anna Claire was awake, though, both girls were glued to the TV watching the carriage ride to the palace. They both kept asking me if that was the princess and Prince Charming, where the castle was, and if the Beast lived there. {Beauty and the Beast is their current favorite.}

Later this morning, they even got to see the kisses on the balcony.

By the way, Mallory thought Princess Catherine looked like Cinderella {I think it was the dress ~ gorgeous}and Anna Claire thought she looked like Belle {I think it was the brown hair and eyes}.

I will always remember being seven years old watching Princess Diana and Prince Charles's wedding on TV, so I think it's pretty neat that, even though they are only three and probably won't remember today, Anna Claire and Mallory got to watch a royal wedding live!

{yep, I DVR'd it and Mallory has already asked if she can watch it again in the morning}

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