Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break Has Started!

...and we could not be happier about that!
Just one week's growth {and I trimmed the tops off}...
Some are growing faster than others because I haven't been doing such a good job of rotating them. You can see all the "slow~starters" are on top now.

This little fella joined Anna Claire and Mallory while they played in the water table this afternoon. In true fashion, Mallory and I totally freaked out and Anna Claire calmly continued playing. She chatted with the froggie and splashed water on him until he hopped out.

Mallory insisted on wearing my flip flops because we left her crocs at Granny and Papa's.

And the big news is that Mallory is on day 2 of wearing big~girl panties. At this point I will say she is doing okay. She's only making it to the potty about half the time, but I think we're both going to hang in there and get this done! {Did you know three~year~olds have to wear big~girl panties to Disney World?}

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