Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's About Time...

...I learned to use my camera. I've only had it for two years! This arrived in the mail today along with a Lightscoop and in about 90 seconds I went from this... this...

I used to take indoor pics in either auto or aperture mode, then edit as best I could in Picasa {because it's free!}. As a result, I'd get something like this:
 Now, I get this:
NO editing!!!!! I almost cried. For two years I've been taking awful pictures with an awfully expensive camera of my awfully adorable girls. They deserve better!

I'm not saying the setting are perfect yet, but I didn't even have the Lightscoop on my camera yet, had only adjusted the manual settings, and was already getting drastically better indoor pics. Seriously, in less than two minutes of the mail lady dropping the Amazon box on my porch my life was changed forever. It's the little things that make me happy!

Anna Claire was a great model for me while Mallory napped. I was originally practicing taking pics of my vacuum, but I thought you would much prefer to see this cutie instead.

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