Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slowing Down

January has been a slow month, and we've pretty much been hanging close to home ~ which is fine by me after the craziness of the holidays. Here are some random pics of the girls over the past few days ~ forget what I said about slowing down; Anna Claire and Mallory are busy all. the. time.


At any given point in the day, this is probably what our living room floor looks like:

Goofy girls! {wearing their 3D glasses from Beauty and the Beast last weekend}

Anna Claire and Mallory pretending to "drive" to Disney World with their clothes and lovies in the back of their car:

This was Mallory pretending to be Aurora, I think, dancing to Once Upon a Dream. She is all about singing and dancing these days.

Here's Anna Claire practicing her recital dance for dance class...more on that later!

Yes, we jump on the beds; you're only young once!

Anna Claire was so proud of the rainbow she drew on the driveway and so were we!

No idea what Mallory was doign here!

So, if you're able to take anything away from these sweet pictures of two happy little girls laughing and playing, it's probably that we spend a lot of time in our pajamas. Oh, yes!

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