Friday, March 30, 2012

...then the laptop crashed

These were the last of the back~logged pics from my camera I had ready to go before the great crash of 2012. Luckily, all of our files were saved. I've got three words for ya': You probably already back up. I do, too, just not nearly often enough.

So, this is gonna be quick, so hang on.

Anna Claire's newest past time is picking weeds in the back yard. Sweet thing thinks they're flowers. She puts them all in a big bucket then makes little bouquets.

Another outfit Mallory chose herself.

On St. Patrick's Day a silly leprechaun visited and left the girls Lucky Charms and green milk and water for breakfast.

Later that day the girls got hair cuts and we shopped a bit at Target for some shorts and t-shirts. I got caught again unprepared for the warm weather.

Later that night we celebrated Papa's birthday at Wasabi, the girls' first Japanese steak house adventure. They loved it! And did surprisingly well with the rigged-up chops sticks!

Horrible phone pics. :-(

A couple nights later, we celebrated Daddy's birthday at home with spaghetti and pound cake. Yum.

Mallory still wants to be a bride when she grows up. Notice the mismatched shoes.

Now, you're almost caught up. Spring break starts in about ten hours {whoo~hoo!}, so I'm sure I'll be back soon with all kinds of fun stuff!

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