Monday, April 2, 2012

Flowertown Festival 2012

We had a great time kicking off spring break by heading to the festival Saturday morning. Cloudy skies threatened rain which meant it wasn't too hot nor was it too crowded!

We decided to let Mallory go down the super slide alone since she's a daredevil and all and since the price of tickets for the rides is unbelievable. Walter rode with Anna Claire and I stood at the bottom taking pictures. Let's just say Mallory went WAY too fast...for her and for me. Can you see the look of terror still on her face even though she made it to the bottom? Don't know what we were thinking.

 We timed the train ride just right so the girls could ride in the engine.

 Eating bags full of pure sugar...


Anna Claire and Mallory even let conceded to having their silhouettes done. I'll have to scan them in so you can see them. I'm pleased with the likeness but not the cutting details.

All in all, I'd say spring break is off to a pretty good start!

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