Sunday, April 15, 2012

Assisstant to the Easter Bunny

Last year I helped out the Easter bunny and made the girls these silly bunnies:

So, I was looking for a way to possibly start a tradition of making the girls an Easter bunny each year when I came across the idea for faux-chenille bunnies on Pinterest. So cute, but I didn't have any flannel and a trip to the fabric store wasn't in the plans. Then I had a brilliant idea {I have those sometimes}. I could use a few of the girls' flannel baby blankets. I still have stacks of them in their armoire and wouldn't their use make these little bunnies so much more sweet and sentimental? Yes, I thought it would.

This was a pretty easy project, but I was still surprised that they turned out pretty much like they were supposed to. The girls love cuddling with them, so I got a little overly excited as I was talking to Mallory today, and I told her that I had made the bunnies from some of the same blankets I used to swaddle her in.


Anna Claire overheard me and with a shocked expression on her face, demanded, "So you're Peter Cotton Tail?!"

Whoa! Where did that come from?!

I thought very quickly on my feet and told her he had asked for my help when we saw him at the Easter egg hunt because he wanted her and Mallory to have very special bunnies in their baskets on Easter morning. I thought I was in the clear until she asked me if I had put the bunnies in their baskets myself. {She thinks of everything.} No, I told her. I left the bunnies on the table so Peter Cotton Tail could find them.

And then she went right back to pretending to be the Princess and the Pea without another word about it.

Crisis narrowly averted.

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