Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just Keep Swimming...

Anna Claire and Mallory started swim lessons yesterday. Here they are waiting for their class to get started.

There are only two other little girls in their class, and all four of them were so chatty {maybe a little nervous excitement??} hardly letting the teacher, Ms. Nicole, get a word in edgewise.

Both Anna Claire and Mallory did great; though, I would say Anna Claire was a little more cautious when it came to trusting Ms. Nicole to help her float on her back.

Sadly, class yesterday was cancelled because we had a huge thunderstorm. I was totally caught off guard what with class being held at the indoor pool, but I guess it does make sense. If there is thunder, then the pool has to be closed for thirty minutes; the girls' class is only thirty minutes long and the storm probably lasted more than an, no class}. Anna Claire and Mallory were heartbroken, so we went to McDonald's for shakes and ice cream!

Hopefully, the afternoon thunderstorms will stay away today!

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