Friday, July 27, 2012

Where Is Our Summer Going?

It's only June 27th, the Olympics have just begun, we have weeks of scorching heat to go, but I feel like summer, as I know it, is over as I've been easing back into work for a few weeks now. Nevertheless, our laundry room has looked like this every day...swim suits drip-drying...

Anna Claire has green hair. You really can't tell from this picture because it's a little over~exposed, but trust me ~ it's very green...and it's not from chlorine. Did you know it's the copper in the algicide that does it?

Swim lessons continue; just one class left...Anna Claire and Mallory are doing great, but Anna Claire still has a hard time putting her head all the way under. She's only done it once.
Here's Mallory; I think she'll be swimming in a couple more weeks.

 And here's Anna Claire; she'll learn to swim on her own schedule.

Here's how I'm dealing with the stress of getting back to work. I baked the peanut~cola cake from the July issue of Southern Living. So. Good. That missing piece was my lunch yesterday, and while I'm being honest, I also had a slice for breakfast this morning. Shhh.
Mallory wanted me to take a picture of Fluttershy; I take almost as many pictures of toys as I take of the girls' themselves. What's so cute about this, though, isn't the pony; it's Mallory in the background "reading" the Martha Stewart Cookbook. She carries it all over the house with her.
And this is Anna Claire's summer reading...
She writes the words, draws a few pictures, then asks me to read her those are real words and I should know what they say. After asking a few very carefully worded questions, I can usually conjure up a little story close enough to what she imagined.

Perhaps we have a future chef and a future author in the family?

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