Monday, September 17, 2012

Budding Artists

Anna Claire and Mallory have always loved to paint and draw. We've got the mini~masterpieces... and marker all over the prove it. For the past several weeks, however, coloring and drawing is all they want to do all the time. I haven;t even been making them clean up the crayons, markers, and coloring books. We've just been leaving it all piled up in the center of the coffee table.

Mallory particularly likes to color in coloring books...and she is sooo good at coloring in the lines. Of course, she is determined to color every page in this Melissa and Doug coloring book. Do you know how detailed those pages are? It takes her forever to finish one...I mean days. She often calls either Walter or me over to help her finish those itty-bitty details {usually hearts or flowers...I dream about coloring hearts and flowers}.

Anna Claire's confidence in her drawing has grown tremendously. She used to always have me draw things for  her, but now she is so happy drawing her own princesses and ponies!

A work in progress...

Her finished masterpiece...Can you tell it's a horse?
This picture of Anna Claire's has a lot of scribble on it because she was also writing the story {!!}, but I was just amazed by all the little details she included.
I love, love, love their beautiful creative minds.
{Can you also tell from these pictures they do a lot of their best work in their pj's with very messy hair?}

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