Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tiny Dancers

Friday was Anna Claire and Mallory's first dance class at a new studio. We tried out a summer~session class a few weeks ago and the girl's loved it! They were so excited for leotards, shoes, tights, and their hair in buns with bobby pins! I don't know what it was about the bobby pins, but they were so excited to wear them in their hair!

This year class is at 4:15 on Fridays...not the best time, but our only other option was 5:45 on Wednesday nights. We're all tired by Friday, but that's the only day of the week the girls don't have playschool, so paired with the earlier class time I thought it was the best option. Granny has to get the girls dressed and meet me at the studio since I can't leave work in time to pick them up and get them to class.

This Friday it was pouring down rain when we got to class ~ and I had forgotten my camera ~ so this is the only pic I was able to get with my phone. Once class started, the teacher's music wasn't working. Dance class with no music?? That got old pretty fast. Thankfully Anna Claire and Mallory weren't the only little girls hanging on the barre and yawning. Then as the girls were changing into tap shoes Anna Claire got her finger stepped on. Ouch! She never recovered, and I had to take her outside she got so upset.

Needless to say, the girls were grouchy by the time class was over, and I am seriously  hoping things go better this week!

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