Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Party, Party, Party!

We have been super busy around here for the past two weeks or so getting ready for Halloween and attending birthday parties. I finally finished Anna Claire and Mallory's costumes Sunday morning. No pictures yet; they've only had them on for a couple minutes to make sure the fit was right. They actually got to wear their costumes to school today for the fall festival, but I didn't get to see them all dressed up ~ had to work. I am hoping someone took a few pics and will email me!!
Two weekends ago we went to Oliver's first birthday party. What a cutie!!
Anna Claire and Mallory had so much fun playing on Owen's swing set.
I finally finished the paisley jumpers I started earlier in the month {pants were temporarily put on hold so I could finish the costumes}. Very cute...I love how they turned out. 

Sunday, the girls went to a birthday party for one of their classmates, Landon. It was at Celebration Town which is always a hit.
Yep, that's Mallory front and center in the group shot:
Afterwards we headed out to Miler for the tail end of the Cuthbert Cup. Anna Claire and Mallory were anxious to get out on the course to run around.

And I couldn't keep Anna Claire off the dance floor...
I wish I could have gotten more pictures, but the girls got tired pretty quickly and went downhill fast. We hope y'all have a Happy Halloween! I'll be back soon with pictures of all out trick~or~treating fun!

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