Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Little Ponies

Happy Halloween from Rainbow Dash {Mallory} and Fluttershy {Anna Claire}!
The girls had such a great time trick~or~treating last night and were so cute in their My Little Pony costumes. They were SO excited {don't let Anna Claire's expression fool you} to run around the neighborhood asking for candy.
They loved their costumes...especially the cutie marks. At first I wasn't sure how I would pull these off, because you can't just run down to the fabric store and buy a costume for a horse pegasus. I ended up using a cat costume pattern with some minor tweaks {yarn mane and tail, wings, and cutie mark}. They were thrilled with how they turned out {...and so was I}!

The backs of their costumes are actually cuter than the fronts...

I wish I'd gotten more pics of the excitement on their faces, but there was no keeping up with these two last night. Most of my pics are from behind. Here they are skipping down the street before it got too crowded...and too dark...and too cold!
They were so cute taking turns ringing door bells. They would always say "Trick~or~treat" and "Thank you," and Anna Claire would add "I hope you have a happy Halloween!" She's such a sweetie!
We did carve a pumpkin this year...without much fanfare. The girls weren't really into the cleaning out and carving part, but Anna Claire made sure the candle was burning...
Three streets and they were done...ready to come home and taste~test!

They helped Walter pass out candy for a little while. Almost $50 in candy and the basket was empty at 7:30!! That's crazy!

We hope you had a very happy Halloween!! I can't believe it's will be turkey time before we know it!

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