Saturday, November 24, 2012

Breaking News!

Anna Claire and Mallory slept in big girl panties all night for the first time and had no accidents! This is huge.

They have been potty trained forever but have refused to sleep in big girl panties. A few times we've run out of pull~ups and tried to convince them to sleep in panties to no avail. They scream and holler and we make the trip to CVS to buy more pull~ups.

Last night we had movie night, so the girls were in their jammies early. After the movie they used the potty and went straight to bed...none of us thought twice about pull~ups until this morning when they woke up.

We made a huge deal about it and they are so proud of themselves. Right now they are excited to sleep in big girl panties again tonight. We'll wait and see if they still fell this way at bedtime {waterproof mattress pads are already on their beds...just in case}.

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