Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ice Cream, Disney Princesses, and the Beach

We have definitely been keeping busy this spring break...

Monday Anna Claire and Mallory were rewarded with ice cream after an afternoon of shopping for counter tops, sinks, flooring, and kitchen appliances {my kind of shopping!}

Anyone in the middle of kitchen upgrades or thinking about it? I'd love to hear your tips!!!

Tuesday we went to The Princess of Tides for tea time and story telling with Cinderella and Snow cute!
 Thanks for the tip, Cheryl. The girls loved seeing Whitney.
Today we went to the beach with the Lopez crew...five kids and two crazy mommas in one car. That's right, I said b-e-a-c-h. And it was COLD. Not sure what we were thinking! The kids played in the freezing cold water for an hour before they had had enough. Crazy.

Too cold to even look up at the camera:
Since we weren't at the beach very long, we headed over to the playground under the Ravenel Bridge. So nice; the kids loved it...even though it was still cold.
So spring break is half way over and we've got the Flowertown Festival still to come...but there's rain in the forecast for tomorrow and Friday...I hope it doesn't hang around too long!

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