Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm Not Bald; I'm Hair~Headed!

Really, we're lucky it hasn't happened by now...and that it wasn't far worse because, believe me, I realize how bad it could have been.

Mallory cut her hair yesterday.

We've always been really careful with scissors and the girls have always been super responsible with scissors; I wouldn't even let them watch Tangled for the longest time for fear either Anna Claire or Mallory would want to cut her hair. I'm not even exactly sure when it happened because we played all over the house yesterday, and for a little while I was in the back doing some embroidery while the girls were playing within ear shot but basically out of sight.

Earlier in the day Mallory found a pair of children's scissors in an Easter basket from Granny's house ~ left there from cutting the wrappers off tricky treats. I asked her to put the scissors back in  the basket so they could both go back to Granny's next week and thought that was the end of that.

I didn't notice her hair until the afternoon when I caught sight of her from across the room. Luckily, I don't think it will be that noticeable as it grows out.{btw I found the hair under the dining room table.}

She got very upset when I questioned her and sobbed and sobbed thinking she was in BIG trouble. She did get a stern talking to, and I don't think she'll be trying that little trick again.

Last night when I was telling Walter about it, I said that Mallory got really upset and had "balled" to which Mallory replied, "I'm not bald; I'm hair~headed!"

Let's keep it that way, please!

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