Friday, June 7, 2013

Five Year Old Favorites

Last summer I found a list I had made of some of Anna Claire and Mallory's favorite things, and since I'm feeling a little nostalgic what with the girls turning five earlier this week, I thought I'd try to make this a tradition around birthday time. Here are their current favorites:

Anna Claire ~~
Book: Children's Storybook Bible
Song: Joy to the World
Game: Bucket o' Beads
Lovie: Ralphie, Moo Moo, Monkey, Cupcake Buddy
Disney Princess: Aurora and Merida
Movie/TV Show: Pinocchio/Transformers/America's Funniest Home Videos
Food: Broccoli and Carrots

Mallory ~~
Book: Tinkerbelle Song Book
Song: {she couldn't think of one}
Game: Candy Land
Lovie: Lovie Bear
Disney Princess: Belle
Movie/TV Show: Octonauts/America's Funniest Home Videos
Food: Chocolate and Crunchy Shrimp

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