Monday, June 3, 2013

Run, Jump, Tumble, and Play...

I can't believe Anna Claire and Mallory are five today!
We celebrated Saturday with friends and family at The Little Gym. We've always had Anna Claire and Mallory's parties at home, but they've been to a few parties and gyms and jump castle places, and asked a while ago if they could have their party here {best part: I didn't have to clean the house!).

I got the invitations from Tiger Lily Invitations like last year. I highly recommend Jessica. She is SO easy to work with and she's in GA, so it's a quick ship to SC. She didn't even have a gymnastics themed invitation in her shop, but I couldn't find anything I loved anywhere online, so I asked her if she would be willing to whip something up for me and she came up with these which the girls and I fell in love with {I'm pretty sure that's the worst run-on sentence in the history of ever, but I'm too tired to revise}. Bottom line: These were just what I was looking for!!
My mom baked the cakes as usual but I decorated them. I DO NOT recommend sugar sheets; I didn't find them easy to work with at all, but I suppose the little gymnasts turned out okaayyyy...
I used the applique I stitched on the girls' shirts as a pattern, and it was not easy! I am pretty proud of the words I piped on the cakes, though. This was my first attempt ever. I did ONE test run before icing the cakes...not too bad either...
 Anna Claire and Mallory were sooo excited and had the best time at their party!

This is everyone after all the running, jumping, and tumbling was over...tired!!...and ready for cake and ice cream. I do have tons of shots with all the little ones running around playing, but they are not the best pictures. Most are out of focus and without a working flash the lighting was terrible.
Some of the details...I was determined to give The Little Gym a personal touch as best I could.

Happy Birthday sweet girls!! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!! We are so happy you had such a great birthday celebration!

And thanks to everyone who came out to help us celebrate Anna Claire and Mallory's FIFTH birthday! We love you all!!

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