Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flip~Flop Applique

Part of my issue with knocking out embroidery projects is deciding what to make. It's not rocket science, but I probably put too much thought into the process. Cuteness factor is #1. Then there's the longevity of the project. {Is the design seasonal? They probably won't be wearing this flip~flop t~shirt on a warm day in October.} I also think about supplies on hand. {Will I have to buy fabric and thread or do I have what I need?} Then I think about whether they already have something to wear with it if, for example, it's a shirt. {Will I need to make or buy shorts or pants?}

In this instance, I already had the orange pants and the chevron shorts. After agonizing over the decision, I was finally able to choose these cute flip~flops...very easy and very cute!

The shirt coordinates with the orange polka~dot pants which are part of the collection of ruffled pants my mom made the girls a while back. I loved all the pants so much I convinced her we needed some coordinating shorts, as well. These are a cute mix of the turquoise chevron and orange dots {love that color combo}.

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