Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunshine Day

Do you remember that song from The Brady Bunch? I used to sing it to the girls when they were babies. I wanted to sing it all day today. The sun finally came out today and it DID NOT rain. I think it's been a month since I've seen sunshine.

The weekend was a total washout ~ again. More riding bikes in the p.j.s...

We just got the new American Girl catalog in the mail. We don't currently "do" American Girl dolls, but for the first time, both Anna Claire and Mallory have taken a huge interest in the catalog. This is Anna Claire's attempt at setting up one of the vignettes from the catalog ~ camping, I think. She is so funny, and her imagination amazes me daily!
Do your girls have America Girl Dolls? What age did you start? Did you begin with a bitty baby or go all~in from the start? We've got a milestone birthday coming up...I need some advice! {Thanks Jenn and Robin for already weighing in.}

Rain is back tomorrow...I think we're going to float away!

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