Thursday, May 2, 2013

Strawberry Fields Forever

Between rainstorms Saturday, we made a mad splash dash to the strawberry patch. I was beginning to think we wouldn't make it before all the strawberries were gone.

The ground was muddy from all the recent rain, so it was a good thing Anna Claire and Mallory wore their rain boots. There were plenty of strawberries, and we quickly figured out the best rows were the muddiest ~ the rows other people wouldn't dare pick from! The girls did a really great job picking at first and filled almost an entire bucket by themselves before splashing in the mud became more fun!

Our Sweet Strawberry Pie ~
I really wanted a strawberry pie recipe that didn't call for Jell-o, and I found one here. It was super~easy to make and most importantly yummy! I froze plenty of strawberries, so we'll definitely make this pie again!

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