Monday, June 11, 2012


...because I may want to remember this one day.

{I just found this draft from 3.20.10 that for some reason I never published. I was right; I do want to remember this stuff!}
  • Favorite book - Goodnight, Gorilla!
  • Favorite song - "Hickory, Dickory, Dock" as sung by the Fisher Price Little People on the Disco CD
  • Favorite "show" - a toss up between the Corduroy, Goodnight, Gorilla!, and Little People DVDs
  • Favorite color - blue; for Anna Claire, every color is blue (but we're working on that)
  • Favorite lovie - Anna Claire: Monkey; Mallory: Corduroy
  • Favorite food - any and all fruit, but particularly blueberries (thank goodness summer is coming)

So, here's the 6.11.12 version...more than two years later...

  • Favorite book - too hard to choose just one, but tonight Anna Claire wanted a Princess and the Frog/Tiana story and Mallory wanted a Tangled/Rapunzel story
  • Favorite song - another tough one but we mostly listen to Disney CDs in the car and lately we've been dancing to "I Like to Move It!"
  • Favorite "show" - "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" {hands down}
  • Favorite color - Anna Claire: purple or yellow, Mallory: pink
  • Favorite lovie - Anna Claire: Monkey a.k.a. Curious George {because some things will never change}, Mallory: Lovie Bear
  • Favorite food -  fruit is still high on the list as is corn on the cob and broccoli for fave veggies, but if given the choice, they'll go for the Happy Meal every time!

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