Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Supper

Is there anything better than your mom showing up at your door with a basket full of fresh vegetables...espically when you don't really have any dinner plans? Our fresh~vegetable feast last night consisted of tomatoe pie {my favorite; girls' wouldn't touch it}, stewed squash, corn on the cob, grape tomatoes {we started with more than four...Mallory needed a little appetizer}, and sliced cucumbers. I was sure to warn Walter as soon as he got home from work that meat was not on the menu. ;-)
Anna Claire and Mallory are usually content to play while I cook. Yesterday they played My Little Pony on the back porch.
Earlier in the day I asked the girls to play for a few minutes while I made them a dentist appointment. Here's what they built...
Summertime is rolling right along... beyond the beach and pool, the girls' got haircuts today, dentist next week, swim lessons start the week after, then they'll have their four~year well check which will include lots of shots {yuck!}. I wonder what else we'll be able to squeeze in?

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