Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Big Squeeze

A few weeks ago we managed to squeeze two twin beds into Anna Claire and Mallory's bedroom {you might remember reading about our dilemma here}. Their room is so tiny I couldn't even get the full length of the beds in the picture below.

We are currently without headboards, but I am devising a plan for that.

We made the transition to twin beds a little unexpectedly when I happened upon an amazing deal on two mattress/box springs sets and bed frames from a furniture store here in town that's going out of business. Of course, that meant we were going to need new bedding as well, which I was able to find from Home Goods in Mt. P for next to nothing which was wonderful after spending a small fortune on their crib bedding from Pottery Barn. I love these quilts and pillow shams!

We did, indeed, have to remove the closet door, so I made a simple "curtain" from white and pink polka~dot fabric I found at wal~mart of all places. They really surprised me with their selection of cute cotton prints. 
I think the door looks better than we expected it would, but I still need to remove the hinges from the door frame.
I also made a matching valance which was so easy I think I'll make new kitchen curtains later this summer.
We really didn't change anything else in their room. I still have their two~year~old silhouettes that I scanned, enlarged, and recolored to pink hanging above the dresser, but we added the ribbon topiaries from their party.
The jury's still out on these fairy tale prints I got for free from oohmoon ages ago. They match the new quilts better than the old, but I think the frames might just be too small and the prints need to be repositioned on the wall with the new beds. Thoughts??

So, how are we keeping the girls contained {because you know I was scared to death someone would fall out}?

I really didn't want to put rails on the new beds, so I borrowed the pool~noodle concept from Pinterest. Truth be told, I think the girls would be fine with nothing, but the pool noodle gives us all a little peace of mind, I think.
So, there you have it. Anna Claire and Mallory {and mommy and daddy} have survived yet another transition. The best part is that the girls are in love with their new beds. Now, if we can only get them to stay in those beds later than 6 am. It is summertime, after all!

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Brandon said...

I really like the prints, but I agree. I would put a mat around each one and put them in a slightly thicker frame.