Monday, June 25, 2012

Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses

We're back from our fourth annual beach week with just a few of the five gazillion pics to share. We had a great week with beautiful weather and perfect low tides. We built sand castles, collected sea shells, spotted porpoises, jumped waves, splashed in the water, flew kites, took long golf cart rides, ate a lot of ice cream, and had a fabulous week!

Anna Claire and Mallory sure do love the beach...and each other...most of the time!

This is Anna Claire pretending to be Ariel washed ashore.

Building sand castles with the cousins.

Mallory finally got to fly a kite. Aunt Pam brought Owen over for a few days and he came with his Spider-man kite. Mallory could not get enough.

We planned each day to hit low tide just right so the girls could play in the tide pools and the waves weren't too big.

Riding the waves.

Ice cream cones on the back porch each night before bed. It must be vacation; I would never allow this to happen otherwise.


Anna Claire got a huge splinter in her toe from back porch. She was barefoot. And doing ballet. She wailed for what seemed like hours, slept with the splinter, then finally let me yank it out the next morning. The "wood fairy" left her a dollar under her pillow {thanks Aunt Pam}.

Drama of the week.

Playing on the beach is hard work. Anna Claire and Mallory wanted so badly to nap each afternoon and keeping them awake until bedtime was nearly impossible.

Our farewell pic...until next year.

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