Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day at the Museum

One of the girls' favorite exhibits at the Children's Museum yesterday was the grocery store. It looks as though they were making some healthy choices.
(Photo courtesy of Grandmom.)

In other news...

morning nap
Anna Claire and Mallory :30
afternoon nap
Anna Claire and Mallory 1:00

I am slowly but surely relaxing about the whole nap thing. I feel good offering them the opportunity to nap twice a day. I definitely think it was a good thing for both girls to go back to two naps. Whether they are sleeping or just "resting" they seem much better off than they were last week during our one-nap-a-day experiment.


Michelle said...

We'll have to take the boys and the Suzie's together next time. Connor's favorite room in the pirate ship (go figure) and Dylan's favorite room is a close tie between the castle and the water room, although he refuses to wear a smock and that makes it all the more fun. We need to go during the week so it isn't so crowded on the weekend. I can take a day whenever. Let me know if you can swing a half or full day.
When talking with Connor the girls are always referred to as "The Suzie's" When talking with Dylan he refers to them as "Guls"
They really know their names but Connor loves The Suzie's.

Tiffany Lockette said...

Quick question, did you visit the Children's museum in ATL? If so, were there a lot of bigger kids or was it good for the girls age?