Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Now?

Seven days in and our new nap routine is not working for Anna Claire or Mallory.

Neither of the girls is functioning well on just one nap. Mallory is exhausted all morning long (she fell asleep on her stroller ride yesterday), and while Anna Claire can make it a bit longer, she is fit to be tied by around 11:00. And when it is nap time, they are only sleeping between forty-five minutes to one and a half hours (shouldn't they be exhausted???). That doesn't seem to be enough to keep them happy for the rest of the afternoon into evening.

I had to channel my frustration of not knowing what to do about napping by doing something creative this weekend, so I sewed the girls a new diaper bag. I haven't sewn anything since I made the girls' dresses, and I must say, difficult as it was, the diaper bag took less time and turned out much better than the dresses. I must be learning!

The exterior...
The interior...
I guess Mallory needed to find a creative outlet for her frustration with me depriving her of sleep, so she colored on the closet doors in the playroom.
Since school is back in session, and we don't have a lot of excitement going on, I'm going to log the girls naps here for a while to better keep track of their "data", so I can try to do a better job of figuring things out. I'll try to include some cute pictures of the girls to make things more interesting this week.

wake-up & bottle 7am-ish (slept for 12 hours)
breakfast 8:30
snack 10
lunch 11:30
nap 12-1:00 (!)
snack 2:00
dinner 5:30
bath 6:15
bottle and bed 6:45

Where do we go from here? I'll need to sleep on it tonight and figure out what tomorrow's schedule needs to look like. Bear with me...

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Brandon said...

Hey...I didn't comment last week, but I have been thinking about you guys. I think that all kids are different and really will tell you when they are ready.

We thought Owen was ready for the one nap a day thing about a month ago. He did it (on his own) for two or three days one week. And then he went back to taking two naps a day. We didn't fight it b/c he obviously wasn't ready. Then last Monday he only took one nap... continued that every day and tomorrow will be one week with him on this schedule.

He has been going down right after lunch and sleeping for 3-3.5 hours. His sleep at night has not changed. We'll see if this trend continues but I think we are there. I'm glad too, since school starts in a few weeks and he won't get a chance to have a morning nap two days a week.

Good luck and keep us posted!