Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Nap Routine

Due to Anna Claire's insistence that she no longer needs a morning nap and Mallory's recent confusion about when to nap, when not to nap, and how long to nap, we decided to go cold turkey(mistake?) and drop the morning nap for both girls keeping them on the same nap schedule.

Here's Mallory yesterday begging for her morning nap...I felt so bad because I knew if I put her down she would fall fast asleep. She's smiling here, but she was so drowsy...And then things got serious at lunch. I thought she would fall asleep in her booster seat... Immediately after lunch I put both girls down for their new afternoon nap at 12:30. Mallory was up forty-five minutes later (she was absolutely begging me for a nap earlier in the day!). Her fussing quickly turned to babbling which quickly turned to silence. Thirty minutes later, however, she was up again - this time for good, and not long after that so was Anna Claire. Aren't they supposed to sleep longer when they transition to just one nap?

Of course, my fear is that this means thy are, in fact, not ready for just one nap and their little biological clocks are freaking out because mommy is messing with their perfectly fine schedule - even if Anna Claire won't nap in the morning. Or, it could be that they are transitioning and their biological clocks are freaking out, and they just need more time to adjust. Note to self: Do not forget the three day rule!

New Schedule...
Morning Bottle 7:00
Snack 10:30
Lunch 12:00
Nap 12:30
Snack 3:00
Bedtime Bottle 6:30

Do we sick to it, or go back? Ugh! I hate not knowing if I'm doing the right thing.


Michelle said...

Give it some time. They are up long enough from 7:00-12:00 to be tired for a long nap. Waking up at 3:00, then going to bed at 7:00 is also a long enough period of time that they should be tired and sleep well. give them a chance to figure it out. It takes me two weeks to adjust to the time change twice a year, this will take them time also. Life gets so much easier when they're on one nap. When Connor and Dylan went to just one nap, we would be up and out of the house on adventures for the first part of the day, long nap then ready for the second part of the day. Same now with Dylan. It makes life easier! And besides, you don't want them to begin waking up at night b/c they're getting too much sleep during the day. It'll work!

Tiffany Lockette said...

I wish I knew what to tell you. At least you get to figure it out before me so you can help me when I start to go through it!! LOL
I agree with Michelle, give them a little time to adjust. You know them better than you give yourself credit for, trust your instincts. Good luck!!

Tracy said...

When do they have breakfast and dinner? Before/after their bottles? Just curious.

Anyway, I'm not about to give anybody advice about sleep when it comes to baby. Especially those that are leading the way. I'll be keeping an eye on you to see how things go, because Evan and Rowan definitely havedifferent sleep needs.