Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet the Teacher

The girls' got to visit their new classroom today and meet their new teacher...Mrs. J. The great news is that Mrs. Lori moved up and now she is the assistant in their new three~year~old class...I think this has really helped to ease any of the girls' nervousness about a new teacher and new classroom.

It was crowded and busy, so I didn't really get any great pics, but here's a peek...

In the girls' class of ten friends there is only one other little girl. That's right...seven boys! {one of them is Dylan, of course.} Two of the little boys are a pair of fraternal twins! Fun! Only one of their "friends" from last year is in their class again this year...and he is the little boy who bit Mallory...twice.

I asked the girls afterwards what was their favorite thing in their new classroom: Anna Claire said Mrs. Lori and Mallory said Dora!

Well, we already have homework and it's not even the first day {a little art project and an "All About Me" questionnaire}, so I guess I'd better go get organized for that!

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