Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sleep, Anyone?

Sunday night marked one week since implementing our new "get mommy out of the girls' room at bedtime without a temper tantrum" plan, so I thought it was safe to share a little update {no fat lady singing here}.

Since there was no possible way I was locking Mallory in her bedroom which is what everyone was telling me we should do {sorry, guys}, I locked myself in our bedroom instead {sometimes is was hard to tell whose temper tantrums were worse anyway ~ Mallory's or mine}.

I won't go into the night~by~night details but will tell you we went from night one of Mallory screaming for an entire hour and a half until virtually passing out from exhaustion {please don't judge, we tried everything to avoid this} to last night with both girls falling asleep peacefully in their beds alone with our bedroom door wide open ~ and last night wasn't the first night. Things improved dramatically from night one to night two and just kept getting better from there.

The last four nights, actually, have been smooth sailing at bedtime...and thank goodness, for poor Walter's sake, because when it became evident that I didn't have what it took to break away from Mallory at bedtime, Walter stepped in, took over, and toughed it out with Mallory {and Anna Claire}.

We still have some work to do with Mallory waking up in the middle of the night, but the good news is lately she has been waking up once, going to the potty, then going right back to sleep...and yesterday she didn't wake up until 5:15 and still went back to sleep until 6:45. Last night she woke up at 12:20, and now it's 6am...and she's still asleep. yay!

We'll keep our fingers crossed for continued improvement!


bereccah said...

Good luck with your new plan - I hope it continues to go well. That is so hard to do when someone is quite determined to have their own way. :-) I'm not judging.

Brandon said...