Monday, August 29, 2011

So Long, Irene

This is about as scary as the skies got around here last Friday. We did get out of school early and one rain band brought quite a heavy downpour around the two pm hour, but other than that, Irene pretty much passed us right by. And for that we are mighty grateful!

After picking up the girls early from my parents we went home, put on our pj's {'cause that's what you do when you get out a half-day for a hurricane} and made mini-pizzas for dinner...Mallory likes hers with extra black olives.
Girls, the toppings go on the pizzas!

Saturday night we met Aunt Michelle, Connor and Dylan for dinner at La Hacienda {we ate sooooo healthy this weekend}. I have pretty much given up on ever trying to get anyone to look at the camera.
So, another pretty uneventful weekend around our household. I guess we'll have to see what the upcoming holiday weekend has in store for us. No school for Mommy on Monday!!!

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