Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1st...

...has been a very random day. It started out when I awoke around five am and realized Mallory had slept ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

A little later I walked onto the back porch to let out the dogs and it was cool outside. At this point I am thinking September is going to bring good things.

The girls had their first "show and share" at school today. I wanted them to take in something thoughtful and creative, but I was "schooled" in how show and share actually goes down in play school by Aunt Michelle so...they took toys. Needless to say, Anna Claire and Mallory were thrilled. Anna Claire took her Ariel lovie and Mallory took her Disney princess figurines. I quizzed them on what the other kids brought and, yep, they all brought toys. Oh, well.

I called to check on the girls after lunch to find out Anna Claire had a temp of 101.6. Talk about random. She kept the fever most of the day, but has seemed just fine symptoms other than being a little tired. Let's hope she isn't coming down with something.

Tonight was parents' night at play school. From talking with their teachers, it sounds like the girls are doing great. We haven't had much art work sent home yet, but there were multiple pieces displayed in the classroom, including the girls' look~alike dolls, so I snapped a quick pic with my phone because I never got an "after" picture at home. I was completely amazed by the number of "dolls" that had been done by parents. Shocking! While I did help the girls a bit, I don't think there was any doubt Anna Claire and Mallory were the artists here, and they had so much fun doing it!

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