Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Prima Ballerinas

Can there be two prima ballerinas? Yes, I think there can!

Anna Claire and Mallory started taking their first dance class last week. As you can probably tell, they are very excited!
 Don't let Anna Claire's expression fool you.
I went back and forth all summer trying to decide if I thought we were all ready to get involved in extra~curricular activities {I actually considered soccer. I know nothing about soccer}. I had pretty much decided we were not ready, but as soon as school started {and after a couple of friends got me really excited about the idea} I began to regret my decision. At the last minute, I found out dance classes had not started yet, so we talked to the girls about it and made the decision to get them signed up ~ best decision ever! They've only had one class so far, and they absolutely love it.

Their class is called expressive dance and is a multi~age class {2~4 year~olds}. They go once a week for an hour and learn ballet and tap through imaginative play. It is wonderful. I wish I could take pictures during class.

I was glued to the two~way mirror last week watching. All the little girls did very well. Anna Claire and Mallory were so excited to get started, they both walked right in to the studio without looking back {I won't lie; I was a little worried about Anna Claire}. They participated in every activity and seemed to listen and follow direction very well. The best part is they are constantly asking when they get to go back to dance class!
 Well lookey there...Mommy made it into a picture! {Thanks, Grandmom!}
 Remember our recent trip to People, Places, and Quilts? I decided to make the girls' ballet bags...
 ...with my new embroidery machine! {Thank you, Granny and Papa!!}.
 The finished products...
I appliqued ballet shoes on one side and embroidered the girls' monogram on the other side.

I am still learning the ins and outs of machine embroidery and applique, but so far, it hasn't been too frustrating, and I've got tons of ideas for projects for the girls!

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