Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween! {a little late}

My cute little bumble bee and lady bug. These costumes were really too easy to make {The hats ~ not so much. Granny made the hats.} Much cuter than ketchup and mustard, don't you think?
We got an early start {about 6pm}, so it wasn't too crowded at first. The girls did a great job of ringing doorbells and saying "trick~or~treat" and "thank you!" I think they were just amazed that people were giving them so much candy!
Grandmom and Granny walked around with us while Papa stayed back at our house and gave out candy.
It was so hard to get great pictures because the girls pretty much ran up to every house and ran back shreiking about the candy they were given!

How cute are their wings? And don't miss Mallory's stinger. It's kinda hard to see in these shots.

The girls were good for about three streets. As the skies started getting darker and the streets more crowed, both Anna Claire and Mallory were ready to head home. Not before playing a trick on Papa, though. They wanted to ring our own doorbell and say "trick~or~treat!"
We were home by seven and in bed at eight. Now that's my kind of Halloween.

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