Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I really must do a better job preserving the silly, witty, hilarious, observant, and downright intelligent things the girls say these days.

Tonight Mallory told me oh~so~matter~of~factly that it was "Nobember." I asked her what holiday was in November and she said, "Thanksgibing."

Then she said she didn't want to eat turkey because they had feathers. I reminded her that chickens also had feathers and we ate them {the chicken, not the feathers} all the time. She agreed, telling me the reason we didn't eat the feathers was because they were too expensive.

And this little conversation occurred while she was sitting on the potty tonight. The girls and I sometimes have the deepest conversations while they are on the potty. I think I'll start keeping paper and pencil in the bathroom.

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