Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Swinging Monkey and Pretty Butterfly

...those are Anna Claire and Mallory's Indians Native American names for yesterday's Thanksgiving Feast at playschool.

The girls were Indians {Anna Claire and Mallory are now the only girls in their class}, and all the boys were pilgrims. I braided both girls hair this morning so they would look like Indian princesses {or so I told them}. I can't believe Anna Claire let me french braid her hair and kept it braided; I wish I'd gotten a picture. Mallory, on the other hand, pulled out her braids in chapel.

Everyone started off in chapel where they sang Thanksgiving songs {Albuquerque Turkey was the girls' favorite} and watched the kindergartners perform their Thanksgiving play. There was also a slide show where the children said what they were thankful for. Mallory said she was thankful for Mommy and Daddy, and Anna Claire said she was thankful for God. Awww...
{Anna Claire's video clip was too quick for me to get a pic}

Sadly, it was very difficult to get any good pics of the girls in chapel; they were just too far away. I think I need to ask Santa for a new camera lens!

After chapel, it was time for their Thanksgiving feast in the classroom...much better pictures. The girls looked very cute in their Native American attire and feasted on turkey sandwiches, sugar cookies, and marshmallows. Not exactly your typical Thanksgiving meal, but they enjoyed every bite!

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