Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanks for Giving

This past Thanksgiving week, the girls were handed down two amazingly awesome toys we couldn't be more excited or grateful for.

First, Grace's Barbie Jeep {thanks, T-Bone}:
They absolutely love it and {thanks to unseasonably warm weather} have been able to spend hours riding it all over the cul~de~sac. It took Mallory about an afternoon to figure out the logistics of "driving" and now she is a natural. Seriously, she can maneuver the jeep foreward and in reverse, around corners and park it in its space in the garage better than I can handle my mini~van.

Anna Claire, on the other hand, is a little less secure behind the wheel and ends up getting frustrated and overwhelmed. She's more than happy to let Mallory take the wheel. I've been joking that when they're teenagers, Mallory will have to drive them everywhere because Anna Claire might be eighteen before she gets her license!

Next up, Connor and Dylan's "old" Wii that Aunt Michelle thought was broken and didn't figure out it wasn't until they had already bought a new one:
I got the last Nickolodeon Dance at Target on Black Friday, and we have all been gettin' our groove on ever since. They love it and have almost mastered the remotes; however, every morning since Thanksgiving it's been the first thing they've wanted to play after waking up at the crack of dawn. It's really hard for me to be awakened from a dead sleep at 6:30am and dragged out of bed to boogie with the Fresh Beat Band. Coffee first, please. They are having a blast and hoping Santa might bring them another game or two!

Many thanks to Terence and Aunt Michelle for the "early Christams presents!"

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