Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day of School

Yesterday was Anna Claire and Mallory's first day of four~year~old playschool!

After meeting their teachers Monday, they were so excited to go to school Wednesday {and today, too!}. It seems they had a great day and came home talking all about the new class fish, making sock puppets, and eating cupcakes for snacks to celebrate the summer birthdays.

Last look back...literally.
 My babies walked themselves down the hallway ahead of me...
...found their names and hung up their book bags...
 ...then walked right into class and started playing without ever looking back!

I was left at the door calling their names, blowing them kisses and waving goodbye. Anna Claire blew me a kiss back, Mallory waved, they both turned back to their toys, and that was that.
My babies!! They are growing up way too fast!

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