Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Kiss

"Mommy, can I tell you something?"

This is Mallory's new thing. She starts off every conversation this way. "Yes," I say. "You can always tell mommy anything." Usually what she has to tell me is silly four~year~old stuff, but I am all ears because I know one day she won't want to tell me anything.

So, yesterday on the car ride home, Mallory starts off with, "Mommy, can I tell you something?" Then she tells me, with a huge grin on her face, that a little boy kissed her!

"Who kissed you?" I asked. She didn't know his name, so I ran through the names of the boys I know in her class, and it wasn't any of them. I asked her if he kissed her on the lips, and she said no and pointed to her cheek. "Where were you?" I wanted to know every little detail. She said they were on the way to the playground. I asked her if she kissed him back. No, she said...still grinning from ear to ear. Anna Claire claimed to have not seen a thing. She was so cute, but I am thinking at the time that this better not become a habit, and who is this kid kissing my child???

I gently steered the conversation around to how we shouldn't let people we really don't know kiss us and if it happens again maybe she should let her teacher know, basic personal space stuff and no one kisses/touches you if it makes you uncomfortable,.... She seemed OK with all that, but never gave me any indication that she didn't not like her first little peck on the cheek from that little boy on the playground.

So sweet, so cute...but it better not happen again for a very. long. time.

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Rebeccah said...

Oh my word! That is so cute, and soooo Mallory. And better not happen again for at least twenty years!