Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meeting the Teacher 2012

Anna Claire and Mallory's last year of play school is upon us.

sniff. sniff.

Yesterday, we went to meet their teacher. There are fourteen little boys and girls in their class which is a lot of four~year~olds. Give me a class with thirty 13~year~olds any day {I do still miss those days...sometimes}.

From meeting their teacher, it sounds like this year is going to be a little less play and a little more school...which I think sounds very exciting! Anna Claire and Mallory both seem excited. Luckily, {so far} they both love school. This year, I think it helps that there are a few friends from last year in their class, including Dylan, of course!

Tonight as a special back~to~school treat, I bought the girls cupcakes from Sweetie Pies for dessert. So. Good.

Here's to hoping the school year is just as sweet!

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