Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Word

Mallory said mama tonight in the bathtub! The two syllables were perfectly enunciated - crystal clear, not garbled together with other baby-babble.

Ironically, Walter and I were talking at the dinner table tonight about "teaching" the girls to talk. We always practice mama, dada, papa, baba, etc. He was trying to get the girls to say dada as they sat in their high chairs, and I told him that most babies' first "word" is dada and that I was resigned to that fact. And then what does Mallory go and say just a few minutes later during bath time? Mama! Walter was in the bedroom, so he had to admit he heard her. That's my girl!

So, does it count as a "real word" if she wasn't referring to me or even looking at me when she said it? I think it does. ;-)

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Brandon said...

Way to go Mallory! Owen said "mama" first too...and we counted that even though he wasn't actually referring to Brigette.