Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mission: Organization

Over Christmas break we turned the guest bedroom into a playroom for the girls. I had originally thought we would use the FROG as the playroom because it is a huge room, but then I got worried about the stairs. In the end we opted to use the guest room which is smaller but right next door to the nursery. Plus, it got a fresh coat of paint along with the nursery back in March.

Mallory was so into playing with that little shape from her playhouse I could not get her to look at the camera.

My mom has been here the last two days helping me get the whole house reorganized which now includes turning the FROG into a guest room/office. They play room still has a little ways to go. I haven't yet decided what I want to put on the walls and there are some storage bins I want from Target. When I went back to get them they were gone; hopefully they'll get more in soon. All in all, though, the room looks good. It's a great place to keep all the girls new toys, and Anna Claire and Mallory love all the space they have on the floor to play and roll around. And...there's a dog gate, so Tanner and Cody won't be stealing anymore of the girls' toys.

In this picture, Anna Claire has actually scooted herself all the way off the blanket so she is behind the ball crawl toy. That expression on her face is saying, "Yep, I'm stuck -- again." And I guess it's time to get covers on those electrical outlets!!

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