Friday, April 10, 2009

Beautiful Day

It was so nice today and we had nothing at all we had to do, so we spent almost all day outside. We were excited to use our new Mega Mat for the first time. We love it. It's huge and waterproof and soft and pretty. The only problem was that Anna Claire wouldn't stay on the mat; she's all about crawling in the grass even though she doesn't like how it feels. Can you see the expression on her face?It was a bit breezy when we first got outside, so the girls were all bundled up at first in their bunny rabbit hoodies. It began to warm up quickly, so we had to shed those jackets. Good thing Mallory remembered the sunscreen!And here's Anna Claire leaving the blanket behind to crawl in the grass - again.It continued to warm up, so the pants came off!Poor Anna Claire had problems with her hat slipping down over her eyes all day. I didn't actually get many pictures of her face today. Either her hat was covering her face or she was crawling away!
We had such a good time outside today on our new picnic blanket. We also went on a stroller ride, went for swings, and met our new neighbor, Nancy. When we finally came in for the day to have dinner, Anna Claire projectile vomited. Poor baby got so upset she gagged herself again and puked through her nose. I think I had more pasta and bananas on me than she did.
Beautiful day.

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