Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ten Months Old!

Yesterday Anna Claire and Mallory turned ten months old. I can't believe we are two short months away from their first birthday. I better get the party planning started - I'm too indecisive, though. What to do, what to do?
The girls are so amazing at this age. They are both so vocal. I think they're going to just open up thier mouths one morning and sentences are going to come out.

Both are pulling themselves up to standing and Mallory will actually let go. She is getting very good at keeping her balance, but she hasn't tried to take any steps yet. Spring Break has officially started, so we're going to have plenty of time to work on walking. Anna Claire is doing much better getting up and down, but she still won't let go with both hands.

Anna Claire has been perfecting the art of shaking her head "no" for a few weeks now, and just this week Mallory has begun shaking her head "yes." Anna Claire will not imitate me shaking my head "yes" and Mallory isn't quite sure how to shake her head "no." This is too funny, especially when they are doing it at the same time. I wonder what it could mean.

Both girls have taken to table food very well. Our menu now consists of green beans, carrots, potatoes, yogurt, avocado, peaches, mandarin oranges, bananas, and pasta. They absolutely love their sippy cups, and it seems they are losing interest in their bottles - especially their morning bottle which is strange to me. You'd think they'd be starving first thing in the morning. I'll have to look into this.

Anna Claire and Mallory have become very good at entertaining themselves. Just this morning, I spread lots of toys out on the coffee table and they played in the living room for half-an-hour while I did the dishes, got the laundry going, and took out the trash. Not a peep from either one -- they were both in their own little worlds, completely oblivious to me coming in and out the room.

And did I mention they love being outside: swinging, riding in their stroller, watching the wind chimes, crawling around on a blanket or in the grass (both have eaten the grass by the way) doesn't matter what they're doing; they love the outdoors, and cry when it's time to go in. Walter is thrilled, and I am learning to like it outside more and more. ;-)

They are such amazing little girls -- happy and healthy and the light of their mommy and daddy's lives. We are so lucky!

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